About Us

Skillege is a Finnish software development training company founded in 2010.

We deliver software development trainings including different programming languages, processes, tools, methods and product trainings. And of course in English as well as in Finnish.

Remote trainings

We specialize in remote trainings. Remote trainings done properly are a better way to study and learn than trainings in class room.


-No traveling, hotel or class room expenses.
-Learning is more efficient: it is easier to concentrate on learning and you can easily see the material, teaching and examples on your computer screen, in HD quality, instead of trying to follow the teaching from the back of the class room. Also, other people coming and going won't bother you.
-Time allocation is easier. It is easier to start trainings at the planned time without problems with transportation to training location, or problems with projectors or other hardware. Also, people coming to training at the last minute won't delay it.
-You get HD quality video recording of the training. It can be used if some students have missed part of the training or if someone needs to rehearse.
-Remote trainings are environmentally friendly. The environment is important to us and we want to support green values.

We also give traditional trainings in class rooms. Sometimes they have their place but think very carefully if you really need that kind of training or is it just a way you normally do things without any good reason to do so.

So, why don't you give remote training a shot? :)

Upcoming trainings in English

Below you can see all upcoming trainings in English. New trainings will be added regularly. All trainings are remote trainings, unless otherwise stated. If you have need for other trainings in English, please be in contact.

All trainings will include HD quality recording of the training, 6 to 12 months long free subscription to ohjelmointikoulutus.fi (Finnish e-learning site), certificate of participation and exercises with correct answers.

More information about each training can be found by clicking the sign up button.

For companies we can also create unique trainings about different subjects. Please be in contact.

Object oriented programming in Java (2 days)

On this course you will learn fundamentals of object oriented programming in Java. During the two days you will learn about classes and objects, inheritance of classes, abstract classes and interfaces. All topics will be covered with good examples.

Date (day.month.)
Price (incl.VAT)
12.9. - 13.9.
14.11. - 15.11.

Git version control (3 days)

Git is the most popular version control system in the world. It is not easy to fully master Git as it differs a lot from other version control systems and is mostly used on command line. On this course you will learn how to use Git effectively on command line. You will learn how to install Git, the basic working principle of Git, basic commands, branching model and remote repositories on GitHub.

Date (day.month.)
Price (incl.VAT)
29.10. - 31.10.

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Kai Kaltiola


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